Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ariel Palette by Sephora

Box Cover


Back-They put so much detail on the back. I love the Ariel faces!!!

A cool feature about the palette is that once you used up your eyeshadows it transforms into a jewelery box. I love things that are a multipurpose. PLUS this is an item you can keep forever and it will look real cute on your nightstand.

Top Row

Second Row

Third Row-My fave eyeshadow is FINS! It is this bright green with green, yellow, turquoise glitter. STUNNING! It is exactly what Ariel's fin would look like.

Last Row

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soft Yellow Pants

A closer look at my nails! I know this is something that would be worn on Valentine's day but I am a sucker for hearts! I recently bought a glitter polish from Nicole OPI and it was a beautiful baby pink glitter with hearts! Really wanting to try out the polish I came up with this manicure. Aside from the messy application I love it!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alternative Side of Me


Shirt and Shorts-Forever 21
Sandals-Anchor Blue

I LOVE this shirt so much aside from being totally awesome, it's so comfy! It is lose fitting which I LOVE! The unique color of lime yellow is something I don't see very often. I love animal print but I don't own very much of it. I just find this tank top to be fun and perfect for the hot weather. The black shorts have zipper detail on the side which goes perfectly with the shirt because of the zipper detail on the back of the tank top. It just makes it a more cohesive outfit. I think my sandals just add an edgy touch with the silver hardware.