Monday, August 30, 2010

Physicians Formula:Bronzer in Vegas Strips

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation in Classic Ivory
Coastal Scents concealer quad in light
Blush-Physicians Formula Rosy Glow
Bronzer-Rimmel in sunlight
Highlight-Physicians Formula Vegas Strip Quad....just used the first 2 colors

Using physicians formula Vegas Strips quad I applied the second color on my lids and then used the last on my crease.Then took a forest green shadow and smudged it on my lash lines but only half way in. Then with the excess of the shadow I winged it out.

Revlon-baby pink

*Future review and another look about these products*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peter Piper Pizza:Family Outing

Last weekend my husband and I wanted to do something fun with the kids, for Evan anyway. We took him to Peter Piper Pizza, if your not familar with it, its a restaurant/arcade. The place is very colorful and has a lot of games like a carnival. You can win prizes and its just a lot of fun for the kids and husbands. Us mother/wives have to guard the food and purses. Hahaha. I personally dont like the pizza, but found their sandwiches to be pretty good! All in all my son had a blast and my husband can act like a kid and it be acceptable.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Neutral Makeup

As Ive mentioned before Im not much for neutral makeup. I just like playing with colors and since my eyes are brown, color just makes them stand out more. My outfit that day was laid back, so with my makeup I didnt want to over do it and keep it matte as possible. That day I wanted to look effortless.

same as always

All eyeshadows from my Coastal Scents Double Stack 44 matte shadow palette. I applied white all over the lid to lighten up the brown I was going to lay on top of it. I then used a medium brown on the crease. With a soft hand I applied black in my inner crease to darken the look just a bit. Then I winged my eyeliner with of course MAC fluidliner in black track.

Cheeks-deep rose color from my Coastal Scents Double Stack 44 matte shadow palette.
Highlight-Physicians formula bronzer(just the top cream color)

Lips-NYX Thalia

Friday, August 20, 2010

NYX Haul

Last weekend I went inside my very first Ulta! Yes I know pretty sad huh? I was so excited to see all the products I could never have access at home. I knew I wanted NXY products. I was so overwhelmed with all the products I didnt know where to start. I knew what I needed were lipsticks so thats what I went for and also got my very first base. (Usually just put concealer and foundation on my eye to set eye makeup)
These are swatches of each of the products

Harmonica is a baby pink with a metallic finish

Thalia is a deep nude. I think its a reddish brown color

B52(no name) is my favorite! Its a pretty rose nude color, very subtle on the lips

I am in LOVE with these lipsticks! They are so creamy and so moisturizing on the lips. I feel like I dont need a gloss with them for they feel so glossy already. They are all so pigmented as well and best part of all, each cost me 2.00! But in Ulta you buy 2 and get one for FREE!!!!
The base is good to even out my skin tone on my eyes and I havent seen any creasing either...but i never did with my old way as well. This product cost me about $6.00. It is also is very nice and creamy. I will DEFINETLY repurchase these items and will try more from the line. I want to buy an eyeshadow palette next and some jumbo pencils.

Have you tried any of NYX products? Whats something I should try?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensation

Wanting to find the perfect coral lipstick I went to my nearest CVS and purchased 2 lipsticks from Maybelline. They are both from their new pearl collection. In the colors Luminous Lilac and Coral Cream.

What the product claims to do
More luminous dimension from micronized pearls
Luscious, creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar

I was expecting these lipsticks to be like a frost but instead they were EXTREMELY glittery yet really pigmented. What I HATE about this product is the smell. VERY strong scent of flowers and baby powder, may sound appealing but its not. They dont feel creamy or glossy on the lips, but they dont dry the lips. Each cost me 3.75.
I love the way they look on, they both suited my skin tone and are good colors in the nude category. Not so sure if I would rebuy or purchase more an any other colors. Im 50/50 love the colors hate the smell. I would rate this product a 5.

*images from maybelline website*

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nars Review&FOTD

In a post before I wrote that I had bought some Nars product. I wanted to share with you guys my experience and opinion about these amazing little products.
The blush I chose was Nars Super Orgasm. It is this really nice peachy color with gold glitter on it. The blush is a little sheer but totally buildable. It has some STRONG staying power. I didnt had to reapply not once and I was out Car shopping in 100 degree weather. I really love that it also has a mirror attached to the compact, made traveling with it really nice. Put it in your purse and you can apply it anywhere.
I also purchased a nailpolish in Orgasm. The color is coral with gold glitter and like a gold shine to it. This nailpolish Im not too impressed with. It is extremly sheer, I had to apply 3 coats. I have this nailpolish on for about 4 days and it a little chipped and that is without any top coat or base coat. Its an OK product, Im glad I got a sample size for the whole bottle is 16 bucks!

Now I also got a lipgloss duo in Dolce Vita and Striptease. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these lipglosses. The apply so softly and feel amazing on the lips. I especially like Striptease, it really is the right nude for my fair skin and helps tone down any lipstick that I find overwhelming or even to make it look more "nude".
I am very pleased with my purchase and will continue shopping from this line.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in the color Classic Ivory
Coastal Scent Concealer Quad in Light
Blush-Nars Super Orgasm

Coastal Scent 88 Shimmer palette
I used light medium and dark green on lid then with a dark grey on the crease. Using that same grey i smudged my eyeliner so it wouldnt look so harsh. Then a white matte eyeshadow for my highlight and tear duct.
MAC black fluidline eyeliner
Loreal Volumnious mascara in the color dark brown/black

Maybelline lipstick in the color Coral Cream
Nars Striptease lipgloss

I found my lip combo to be the perfect match for my Nars blush. They complimented each other nicely.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coach Purse Addiction..I mean Collection

Ever since my husband gave me my first Coach purse I never wanted to use anything but Coach. (He buys me one every Christmas) While they are a bit on the pricey side, it is all well worth it. They are ALWAYS in style and the quality of them are amazing. Tough material and the straps never flake off color. Easy to clean and maintain. I love that they always have LOTS of pockets. Each time they have a collection they always have neutral colors, bright styles, and fun patterns.

Do you have a favorite purse or brand?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is my first purchase from NARS! Ive been highly anticipating for its arrival for about a week now. I heard about this sweet deal from a blogger (Handmade Reviews) who was sweet enough to inform her followers about some promos. You entered coupon codes to get a complimentary sample size of a lipgloss duo and a nailpolish in the color Orgasm PLUS free shipping if you made a purchase of 25 dollars. So I just purchased a blush that cost 26.oo. Everyone raves about Nars blush in the color Orgasm so to be different I ordered SUPER Orgasm. Same thing but with gold glitter.

I LOVE NARS packaging, so sleek and it feels like suade. Even the lids to the nailpolish and ligloss feels that way.
Swatches of the lipgloss (Sorry for the quality)

Striptease and Dolce Vita
Striptease seems like its going to be the perfect nude for my fair skin. Dolce Vita is a nice deep muave really pretty on. I cant even explain how nice it feels on my lips. I wish I can show you swatches of the nailpolish and blush but they came out SO sheer it wouldnt show. Seems like the blush you have to build to your liking. What I really liked bout the nailpolish is that it dried REALLY fast. The nailpolish is really impressive you can see the gold glitter and gold shine right away, its really pretty, but you will need more than one coat.
The one little complain I have is that I wasnt expecting the items to be SO small. The blush seems massive on the site. Everything else was sample sizes so I cant be too upset about that. I cant wait to use these products!

Just want to say thank you so much Handmade Reviews!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Removing Cleanser

I have recently ran out of my FAVORITE eye make up remover from Mary Kay. It was what I have been using since high school, absolutly love it. But needing something right now I purchased Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Removing Cleanser. Seeing how it is a remover and cleanser it could illimante a step from my night routine.

It claims to remove dirt, oil,impurities and completly removes makeup leaving your skin refreshingly clean skin.

*Removes makeup, even eye makeup, without stinging or irritation
*Rinses completly clean with no pore clogging residue
*Gentle enough to use everyday for acne prone skin

The consistency of the product is almost like water, which is really nice. It smells like Dove soap. When removing my makeup it was like a dream. It came off so easily and it lathers up so nicely. My face did feel soft and refreshed once it was dry. You skin feels soft the next day as well. But it does not remove my mascara and eyeliner off that well, you really have to work on it in order to do so. AND it DOES irritate the eyes if to touch them. So unfortunatly it is just a good make up remover and cleanser, but not good for eye makeup.....which is why I bought it in the first place. I dont have acne prone skin so I cant say if it is appropiate for your skin type. I do like that it has a pump, no need to use a cotton ball or cloth. I would only repurchase this item to clean my face before nighttime.

Any recommandations for eye make-up remover?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Summer Faves Part2

Here are a few more summer faves that arent beauty related

I am obsessed, OBSESSED with the Chicken Sandwich from McDonald's. I have eaten there so much I only go in drive thru so I dont get recognized. LOL. Its the bread that I think makes the sandwich so different from other places. Then I like to compliment it with a chocolate milkshake. MMMM just thinking about them makes me want one right now.

Every time I go out to eat I try a strawberry lemonade. I have tried from Chili's, Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse and by far the best one is from Claim Jumper. I love how they have sugar on the rim. SOO YUMMY

I really been enjoying cooking and baking, trying out new recipes. Here is the last recipe I tried. Not to sound pompous but it came out DELICIOUS! :)

And of course KYLA!!!