Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Nailpolishes

I love Sally Hansen nailpolishes they are pretty good quality and usually less than 5 dollars. ;) These specific nailpolishes were about $2. They are called Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail polishes. I bought 3 of them in the colors Blue Me Away, Mellow Yellow and the Real Teal. Each were super pigmented 2 coats were all I need. Real Teal was my favorite. The one I was least impressed with was Mellow Yellow. It didnt glide on well and the yellow came out more of a school bus yellow than a neon yellow. I will only use this color for like decoration on my nails. The blue was beautiful but when you take it off the color stains your nail. Other than that, they didnt give me any other problem. I will definetly buy this product again.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red Lips

I have never in my life had a red lip. Yesterday I was playing around with my new Mary Kay stuff and decided to do something bold. I dont know about a red lip in the daytime but I will definetly do it again for a party or special events.

Mary Kay Foundation in Ivory 104
Coastal Scents concealer

Mary Kay eyeshadows-Golden, Adobe, Cinnabar
MAC fluid eyeliner
Loreal Volumnious Mascara in Brown/Black

42 Double Stack Palette- Blushes a mix of berry pink
Rimmel Bronzer-Sunlight

Mary Kay Lipliner-Berry
Mary Kay Lipstick-Copper Mine

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mary Kay Freebies

A friend of mine was getting rid of inventory that she just couldnt sell. Let me pick out anything I wanted. And these are what I chose! Most of the stuff were fall colors.

Have you used Mry Kay products? Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revlon Colorburst vs. Revlon Matte Lipsticks

Revlon Colorburst
*Baby Pink
*Soft Nude
Revlon Matte Lipsticks
*Pink Pout
*Nude Attitude

In this blog I am going to compare the same brand of lipstick but each are different textures.
As far as texture goes Colorburst are sooo creamy and just glide on smoothly on the lips. On the lips it feels moist and hydrates the lips. As for the Matte it dehydrates my lips and doesnt go as smoothly. On the lips Matte fall in the cracks. Doesnt look very appealing, especially Nude Attitude. Nude Attitude makes me look like a corpse. Now I will say though that it is good to mute the pigmentation on your lips so you can overlap it with a color to make it stand out more. It could also work to lighten a dark color. I will never wear it solo. Another thing I dont like about the Matte lipsticks is that with lipgloss it makes it all goopy looking since they do fall in the cracks. So you have to be careful with that. Colorburst just shines and looks really nice solo.
Both are super pigmented. What you see is what you get, which I like since you cant do swatches on drugstore.
The packaging of the colorburst lipsticks are so cute. They have the color of the lipstick on the top which is makes it easier to find. Then on the cover part they have a diamond design kinda reminds me of Chanel purse pattern. Which is so classy and chic. As for the Matte well its just a generic look with a silver band that says Revlon on it.
My favorite color out of all of these is the Soft Nude Colorburst. Im not much for nudes but this one is a peachy nude and doesnt make me look like a corpse. I will definetly purchase more of the Colorburst lipsticks. Since my lips are so dry and need moisturizing lip products Mattes just dont work for me. So I will no longer purchase from the Matte lipsticks.

Friday, June 11, 2010

And I fell in love......

With this puppy!!!!

Came across these cuties as well

My husband and I just wouldnt leave the store. We almost left with a dog that day. But realize with a new baby coming and we already have a dog that it would just be too much.

I love puppies!! Do you have a pet? What kind?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 Years

3 years ago today I walked down the aisle to my best friend, the love of my life. I remember not being nervous at all. In fact I just wanted to run and leap into his arms. He looked oh so handsome and sexy. We held hands through out the entire ceremony and he had squeezed it oh so tightly. It was one of the best days of my life. 3 years later and I am more in love with him then ever. He has been the world's best husband and father. 3 years of marriage and Im loving every second of it

Monday, June 7, 2010


Ok, so Im going to admit something that is a little on the embarassing side.....I never have been in the cosmetics area other than drugstores. Like at Dillards I go straight to the shoe section and Coach then the bedding. Ive never even had my makeup done by professionals. Well last week when I was in the city I stepped into Dillards and right as you enter is MAC smack in the middle where you cant miss it. There werent any customers so I browsed. I get very intimated by customer service, Im the kinda girl you can convince me to buy anything. Well a MAC makeup artist approached me I wanted to walk away but she got me just in time and asked me if there was anything I wanted to try. I said I wanted to look at there new to the beach collection. She directed me and asked me if I was interested in the event they are having this week where they do makeovers. I said I unfortunatly dont live in the city. We just talked about the products and I left.

So my question to you all is have you ever had your makeup done by a professional at the mall? How was the experieince? How much did it cost you? Do they just do special occasion stuff or can they give you like a tutorial if your new to their makeup line? Any story wouldd be helpful. THANK YOU!!!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie Night

Yesterday I FINALLY saw the movie Ive been wanting to see since I heard it was coming out.........Sex and the City 2!!!

And absolutly LOVED it! It was so hilarious and SUPER glamorous! Samantha stole the movie, she had me laughing every time she spoke. My absolute favorite outfit was when Carrie wore a dress to dinner with her ex-boyfriend Aiden. It was stunning and yet SEXY! I must admit as much as I LOVE the sequel it didnt beat the first movie. I think the 1st movie had more magic to it. I recommand you watch this movie with your girlfriends or you can even go alone for you feel you are with your friends having the same adventure as them!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Pink

Mary Kay foundation in Ivory 400
Coastal Scents Concealer Quad in light

Rimmel Bronzer in Sunlight
Berry Pink from Color Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush

Matte White and Black from 42 Color Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush
Light Pink from Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
Loreal Volumnious Mascara in Brown/black
Milani Metallic Liner in Black
NYC eyeliner in white

Revlon Matte in Pink Pout
Victoria Secret Lipgloss

For this look I put white eyeliner as my highlight and added some on my tear duct are as well. Blended it out and put white eyeshadow on top of it and kept going further until I reached half way on lid and crease area. Then I added a pink shadow for the other half of my lid and crease. To add some definition I put black shaow on my crease and blended it to an almost grey color. I took down to my outer V as well. Put my Milani eyeliner on my waterline. This look was used for my baby shower. Since the dress was black I wanted to add the pink in my face. This look is girly and really brightens up the eye.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coastal Scents Crazy

For a mothers day presernt my husband said what was the one thing I wanted and I said MAKEUP! So I went to Coastal Scents site and ordered a couple of things. I ordered the 42 Color Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush because I already had the 88 Shimmer palette and really wanted some Matte to have different textures. Plus it brought blush which I REALLY needed. I LOVE this palette. The colors are SUPER pigmented and the blush are so bright. The site pic doesnt give it justice, the colors are much more vibrant in person. The ONE thing I wish it had was more pink/coral shadows. I am loving the white shadow. The palette cost 24.95
I also got the metallic plum brush set. This set includes 12 brushes with purple wooden handles. I really liked the founation brush! It makes my foundation application flawless an its soft. The brush that I dont really like is the concealer brush. Its extremely small so I dont recommand for your dark circles. Its perfect for blemishes. The only shedding I came across was with the large powder brush. It was very little though. This set cost 29.95.
This product I was very excited for which is the Concealer Quad in Light. I have only used one concealer my whole life and it was from Mary Kay. IT wasnt a ba concealer but it was an extreme yellow tone...which Im NOT! Im light skinned with pink undertone. I really enjoyed this quad. It is super creamy and I can mix the colors to make my skin tone. I use the salmon color for my under eyes and a mixture of the salmon and light pinky color for my blemishes. Then the white I use as a highlighter. It hides my flaws rather well. Not so much for dark circles but it hides most of the color. It just leaves my skin so nice and dewy. Really blendable as well. For 7.95 you just cant go wrong with this product. I really liked the case it comes in.
Last but not least I bought gel liners in the colors Platinum and Sky Line. Both SUPER pigmented, creamy and glides on like a dream. Doesnt smudge unless your eyes are watery, but what liner doesnt smudge with that. I LOVE them and this product was 6.95 each.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase. I would buy ALL these products again and will continue to purchase more from the site. If you have any questions or want a closer picture of an item or a more in depth review of a certain product please let me know. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Faves

Here are a few of my fave things for the month of May.

Milani Lipgloss In Vogue
It is perfect for the summer for that bold lip. It is soooooooo pigmented you dont even need lipstick underneath it. It was long lasting and not sticky at all. It just slie right on smoothly. The best part it had a nice fruity smell to it.

Soft Lips in Pearl
I have talked about this product before. But I really loved it this month because when you have those days that you dont feel like wearing makeup this is perfect to just put on your lips for a hint of tint. Its a nice pink with glitter. Plus it gives you that tingly feeling

Pure Ice in Love
I put this color for my baby shower and fell in love! It is a nice light pink and it just makes my nails so feminine and young. I really like it on my toes. What so funny is pink is my favorite color but I always used hot pink nailpolish never light pink. Plus this color has like silver specks but it doesnt show at all. It just makes a nice shine to it.

Lucky Charms
I dont know if its my pregnancy craving or what, but I have a bowl everyday of this stuff since I bought it. Im not even a cereal person.

Share with me your faves?

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