Monday, February 7, 2011

Katy Perry OPI Nailpolish Collection

Last Friday Night was my least favorite in the collection. Besides the fact that blue is my least favorite color this color just was REALLY deceiving from the way it looked in the bottle. It will take many coats to look slighty blue. Its almost a clear with a slight tint of a blue-purple. Then the texture is gritty. I suggest wearing a blue or purple and then add this on top.

Not Like The Movies is really a unique color. Its a silver purple with a green shine and then it has silver glitter. Its really sheer at first but after 2 or 3 coats it shows rather well. Really like this one!

The One That Got Away is the most pigmented out of the 4. Its this fushia color with fushia glitter. 2 coats and you get a strong application. SUPER PRETTY!!


  1. I bought Teenage dream and really like it but definitely am loving the look of 'The One That Got Away'. Thanks for the swatches.

  2. no prob!!! looks tons better in person. lol

  3. Just to answer your question. The pictures you submit can be of anything...full body, only one part of your face, whatever works best for you :) xx

  4. The One That Got Away is a pretty and wearable shade, I like it.

    Thanks for the swatches!:D

    ***** Marie *****