Monday, December 5, 2011

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Top is a light swatch and the bottom one is a heavy swatch

Im sure EVERYONE has heard of lipbutters and Im probably last to get one but I was so excited when I came across them at my local Target. Literally jumped up and down when I saw the display. I was then bummed when I didnt see the color I wanted most, Red Velvet. Regardless wanted to try one out and chose Sugar Plum. Sugar Plus is a wine purple-red color. It doesnt come off as pigmented as I would like. It gave my lips almost a stain rather than the claim lipstick. It did however moisturize my lips.....for the hour or so it lasted on my lips. I had to reapply almost every 2 hours. I also was disappointed when the lipstick didnt smell like anything. They gave all these lip butters really cute candy names and didnt have them smell at all like anything sweet. I do really like the packaging, very classy and colorful. I also like that you can turn it like a lipstick. All in all I do like this product. I might get Red Velvet and see how that goes before I go out of my to repurchase any more.

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