Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Another Youtube Guru

Ok this is my 100 post on this blog wanting to do something special I decided to share with you guys a little secret.

I have a beauty channel on Youtube. Ive had it for a while and just told close personal friends of mine. Wasnt ready to put myself out there. I made this channel for my friends and family who always ask me how do I do certain looks and share with them the new stuff I got. It has been something I really love to do. I love being creative and coming up with new looks and editing process takes a lot of time but it is so much fun.

So Im ready to announce to everyone pinkcorazon85 is now a makeup guru. I hope that I can help and inspire you all. Thank you and feel free to subscribe :)


  1. Yay. Definitely going to check it out. Congrats on 100!

  2. thank you. eeee im so nervous, lol