Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clothes Haul

Not being so swollen anymore and almost right back to my normal size. I have been so excited about buying clothes, a little toooo much. The word SALE is VERY VERY seductive. Why are there so many sales going on in the mid of July? Not that Im complaining. I wanted to share with you a couple of my finds!
I saw this shirt and fell in love. It was so elegnant and sophistaceted with a sassyness to it. I thought it was perfect for going out that night. The store was closing so I got it for half price as well! ;)

I dont have a Forever 21 where I live BUT there is a Rue 21 and its pretty close in comparison, although Rue 21 is for both boys and girls. They were having a 3,5,8 dollar sale.
I saw this shirt and thought it looked so comfy but I could wear it on a day out like a date with my hubby. Plus being such a girly girl Im a sucker for sparkly things. This was just 3 bucks!

The colors on this shirt is what stood out to me the lime green and turquise were just so pretty. The shirt also included the belt. This shirt cost me 8 dollars.

In the same 8 dollar rack I found this cardigan. I liked that it was light weight but yet warm. Perfect for the days when its raining as it is monsoon season here. I can do SO many things with this cardigan. I cant wait to wear it.

I baptized both my children last Sunday and needed a dress. I thought this dress would be acceptable for church but still be sassy, and I adored the colors. I found this dress at Ross and it cost me $12.00.


  1. graet haul!!!!!!! i love ur blog, im new to it

  2. o thank you!!! seriously that means a lot to me.