Friday, July 2, 2010


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I havent updated in a while. I am EXTREMLY busy. My baby arrived on June 25th. The labor was painful and recovery was just as hard. But she is here and she is gorgeous!! Im so in love with her. She has been a good baby, calm and sleeps ALL the time. I named her Kyla Marie. She weighed 7 lbs and 8 oz. 2She is a week old today and had her first visit with the doctor. She is perfect.
Then my mother and sister are here to visit for a whole month!!!! So just been catching up and enjoying my nephew. I will update as much as I can. Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July!!! I know I will, having a BBQ at my mother in law's house and then watching the fireworks at the park.


  1. Congratulations! She is adorable! I love the outfit :-)

  2. Congratulations!!!:D She looks like an angel!:D

    I hope you get to relax this long weekend!:D
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