Sunday, March 27, 2011

Duo Series: My Kids (An Update)

This week I'm going to do something a bit different. Im going to post everyday a couple of my fave duo's. Mostly beauty related and of course some random stuff. Today Im going to present my FAVE duo of all time, my kids! Here is a lil update

Evan is just a dream child. He is so polite and well-mannered. He still is obsessed with Pixar's Cars. Really enjoys playing with Ipod. Im helping begin some reading skills with the Leap Frog books. I am BEYOND proud.

Kyla has improved SO much this month. On the 25th she turned 9 months. She has 2 teeth and one more on the way. Kyla was horrible with tummy time, the girl would SCREAM everytime I tried. BUT all of sudden she now enjoys it and is now CRAWLING!!!! She also can sit on her own. She is getting big so fast, I just want to burst into tears of sadness and happiness.

Happy Sunday Everyone and keep in look out for my posts this week!

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