Friday, March 11, 2011

My FIRST Lush Products

Believe it or not. Im a newbie to LUSH! Ive heard SO much about the store that I had to check it out. When you first step in or even a few steps entering the store you can smell this powerful lavender floral perfume scent! Workers EVERYWHERE being so cheery and happy, eager to give demonstrations and help! Best customer service Ive ever received. ANYWAYS- My husband picked out the ones that smelled the best to us. Even though he is a LOT more picky than I am. Everything smelled FANTASTIC to me. hehe.

So far Ive tried the Comforter which smells like a blackberry, perfumy scent to it. It makes the best bubbles and turns the water PINK! Ive used it 3 times and still have lots left. The kids really enjoyed as well. My son couldnt get over the fact the water turned pink!
The French Kiss was sadly not impressive. The bubbles didnt last very long, but the water turned slighty purple. Lavender usually makes you calm and sleepy, this however didnt. But it smelled FANTASTIC!
Space girl, a bath bomb, unfortunatly didnt do anything SPECTACULAR! It just sizzled and left the water like a grey color BUT it was pretty seeing the glitter float.
The Floating Island is a bath melt. In my opinion it smelled like a cupcake. It did leave me feeling nice and moisturized after my bath. :)
Honey I washed the kids was just a sample but I really like it. In my opinion it smells like honey and.....butter. HAHAHAHA. Its nice but I feel it doesnt do anything great to me.

The Comforter- 9.95
French Kiss-8.95
Floating Island-7.95
Sex Bomb-6.45
Space Girl-4.95
Think Pink-3.95

If you have any suggestions on your faves or combinations you like PLEASE let me know!

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