Monday, April 18, 2011

Hard Candy Fox In A Box

Everytime I go to Walmart I scope around to see if I can find Hard Candy concealer, still no luck, but I did come across these treasures. Hard Candy Fox in a Box has 2blushes, a bronzer and a highlight. I picked up 2 boxes Hot Flash and Smooth Talker.

Im a sucker for blushes but ESPECIALLY pink ones! So I grabbed for Hot Flash first. Im beyond happy I did because its something I dont have in my collection and it is REALLY pigmented. Its highlight is this coral color, sheer but very buildable. It has a slight shimmer to it really only shows when reflected in light. The bronzer is an orange tone to it, TOO light even for my fair skin to contour. I would use it as a highlight or mix it with the blush. The blushes are beautiful bright pinks. The one on the left is a bright matte pink. The one on the right is this HOT fuchsia pink in a matte finish.
Starting from the left (Highlight, Bronzer, Bright Pink Blush, Fuchsia Pink Blush)

On the left ALL colors mixed together/ On the right both blushes together

Smooth Talker is unlike anything I own for its purple undertones. These one doesn't have a bronzer and I'm not sure if the purple is another highlight, I just mix all the colors together or just mix the 2 blushes on the bottom, then use the first one as a highlight. This blush I use more for wearable looks. Its really light on the cheeks. The highlight is light sheer brown. Left from the highlight is the purple shade probably my favorite color for how unique it is. Its not that purple once applied its more like a pink champagne with a frost finish. The blushes are along the coral side.

All colors mixed together

The 2 blushes on the bottom mixed together

These are AmAzInG products! The packaging is uber adorable and comes with a little brush with pink bristles, not the softest brush and rather small. The best thing about this product is the versatility. You can use it in so many different ways, you can use the colors separately or all together. Oh and of course affordable for 6 bucks each!


  1. I dont think Ive seen hot flash in Canada but will definitely be keeping a lookout for it. Its so pretty. I am giving away 'Spicy & Sweet' blush as part of my April giveaway.

  2. O definetly see if you can get your hands on it, its soooo pretty! Awesome GIVEAWAY!