Thursday, May 10, 2012

OOTD:Simple Girl Series

I am going to start a new series of OOTD. No matter what I wear out to errands I will post them. I want to show that being comfy can still be fashionable. I'm a mother of 2. I do errands all the time do you really think I want to bring out my heels to Wal-Mart.... no. I want to inspire women that being a mom or a women on the go doesn't mean you can't you be fashionable, not only fashionable but comfy and on a tight budget!
Shirt-Old Navy $3.00
Shorts- Anchor Blue less than $20...sorry they are really old cant remember the price
Belt-Forever 21 $3 and it came in a set with another belt
Shoes-Forever 21 $7.00 Bracelet- Forever 21 $5.00
And don't forget makeup and hair can really make the outfit that more glamorous if you really take the extra effort to do so. I tucked in my shirt to make the outfit look more polished and have the belt stand out more.

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