Sunday, May 6, 2012

WNW $1 Lipsticks

DollHouse Pink
This shade is a beautiful bright pink with a purple undertone. It is a matte so it can be a little drying. It is gorgeous color and perfect for a statement bold lip.
Swatched from left to right:Dollhouse Pink and Think Pink
Think Pink is a more wearable color. It is a balance of a peachy pink nude color. I went in to Walgreen's to find a neon pink lipstick. No luck I came across these gems. First of all the colors are outstanding. So beautiful and perfect for spring. Then to find out they were a dollar each I snatched these babies up. Both are SUPER pigmented and matte finishes. Now they are a bit chalky consistency and doesn't go on smooth as I'd like. None the less they can still work by rubbing your fingers to warm it up or patting it on your lips until the color is at your liking. I would rate this product a B. I suggest everyone to go their Walgreens and see if the sale continues and snatch them up!

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