Friday, May 28, 2010

Im Going To Miss You Tyra

My biggest role model in life is Tyra Banks. She has done so much and she isnt even 40 yet! She has taped herself in almost everything and I find her absolutly amzing. I watched her show religiously everyday for as long as I can remember. Really cant believe its been that long since I have been watching her show. I Tivo it and everything. Today was her final episode and it broke my heart. This show has showed me so much from beauty to relationship advise, to friend relationships to baby tips. Her show while very entertaining inspired me. Ive gain so much self confidence and knowledge from this show. It opened my eyes to new things and made me re-evalute certain parts of my life. I know there are many other daytime shows but there was nothing like Tyra Show. No other talk show host builds self-esteem and talk about real issues like her. I just want to say thank you Tyra and I can not wait to read your book and watch your movies. Thank you!

Fierce, Peace and Love

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  1. Really? Why is the show ending?
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. She wants to leave while she is still big hit. she wants to do movies and write books and still continue with americas next top model. its weird i know she can reach out more an show then in fantasy movies and books. but o well

  3. I've never watched her show, nut I'm a huge ANTM fan. I tend to watch the marathons either on Tuesdays or Mondays.

    I love how she keeps it real :-)
    It's a shame about her show :-(

  4. I feel the same way about Tyra Banks..She is one of my role models too..Her show taught me to love ur Body no matter what size u are..I'm curvy and I love it!!! lol..