Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was intrigued by this item because I needed a quick make up routine when i take my son to the park or just have an errand to do. I have MAC black track fluidliner and LOVE it but its soooooo time consuming. This eyeliner is amazing. Its really black which I like and even though its metallic on the label its not at all when you put it on. So other than the false advertisment I really love this product. It stays on all day and doesnt smudge as long as your eyes arent watery. So its not the best liner for putting on your waterline. Not only will I buy this product again I want to get it in every color I can find it in!! It cost about $5.99 at my CVS.

I like to use Dream Mousse blush in Rose Petal for when Im on the go. It gives a nice flush glow. The texture reminds me of whip cream. It blends nicely but I would recommand using a brush so it goes on less splotchy. The one thing I dont like about this product is that it does have glitter. I was hoping it have more of a shimmer. It also makes for a great base for other blushes, not just a berry pink ALL pinks. I will buy this product again.

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  1. Great reviews!:D I might try the blush.:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!