Friday, August 20, 2010

NYX Haul

Last weekend I went inside my very first Ulta! Yes I know pretty sad huh? I was so excited to see all the products I could never have access at home. I knew I wanted NXY products. I was so overwhelmed with all the products I didnt know where to start. I knew what I needed were lipsticks so thats what I went for and also got my very first base. (Usually just put concealer and foundation on my eye to set eye makeup)
These are swatches of each of the products

Harmonica is a baby pink with a metallic finish

Thalia is a deep nude. I think its a reddish brown color

B52(no name) is my favorite! Its a pretty rose nude color, very subtle on the lips

I am in LOVE with these lipsticks! They are so creamy and so moisturizing on the lips. I feel like I dont need a gloss with them for they feel so glossy already. They are all so pigmented as well and best part of all, each cost me 2.00! But in Ulta you buy 2 and get one for FREE!!!!
The base is good to even out my skin tone on my eyes and I havent seen any creasing either...but i never did with my old way as well. This product cost me about $6.00. It is also is very nice and creamy. I will DEFINETLY repurchase these items and will try more from the line. I want to buy an eyeshadow palette next and some jumbo pencils.

Have you tried any of NYX products? Whats something I should try?

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  1. Yay for your 1st visit at Ulta!:D

    I like NYX lipglosses.:D

    ***** Marie *****