Friday, August 6, 2010

Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Removing Cleanser

I have recently ran out of my FAVORITE eye make up remover from Mary Kay. It was what I have been using since high school, absolutly love it. But needing something right now I purchased Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Removing Cleanser. Seeing how it is a remover and cleanser it could illimante a step from my night routine.

It claims to remove dirt, oil,impurities and completly removes makeup leaving your skin refreshingly clean skin.

*Removes makeup, even eye makeup, without stinging or irritation
*Rinses completly clean with no pore clogging residue
*Gentle enough to use everyday for acne prone skin

The consistency of the product is almost like water, which is really nice. It smells like Dove soap. When removing my makeup it was like a dream. It came off so easily and it lathers up so nicely. My face did feel soft and refreshed once it was dry. You skin feels soft the next day as well. But it does not remove my mascara and eyeliner off that well, you really have to work on it in order to do so. AND it DOES irritate the eyes if to touch them. So unfortunatly it is just a good make up remover and cleanser, but not good for eye makeup.....which is why I bought it in the first place. I dont have acne prone skin so I cant say if it is appropiate for your skin type. I do like that it has a pump, no need to use a cotton ball or cloth. I would only repurchase this item to clean my face before nighttime.

Any recommandations for eye make-up remover?


  1. If you are into Neutrogena, they do have an oil-free eye makeup remover that is pretty good for its price. Doesn't irritate your eyes and takes mascara and liners off pretty well. =)

    Thanks for the review

  2. Thanks for the review.:D

    I use MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.:D Works great.:D
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