Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is my first purchase from NARS! Ive been highly anticipating for its arrival for about a week now. I heard about this sweet deal from a blogger (Handmade Reviews) who was sweet enough to inform her followers about some promos. You entered coupon codes to get a complimentary sample size of a lipgloss duo and a nailpolish in the color Orgasm PLUS free shipping if you made a purchase of 25 dollars. So I just purchased a blush that cost 26.oo. Everyone raves about Nars blush in the color Orgasm so to be different I ordered SUPER Orgasm. Same thing but with gold glitter.

I LOVE NARS packaging, so sleek and it feels like suade. Even the lids to the nailpolish and ligloss feels that way.
Swatches of the lipgloss (Sorry for the quality)

Striptease and Dolce Vita
Striptease seems like its going to be the perfect nude for my fair skin. Dolce Vita is a nice deep muave really pretty on. I cant even explain how nice it feels on my lips. I wish I can show you swatches of the nailpolish and blush but they came out SO sheer it wouldnt show. Seems like the blush you have to build to your liking. What I really liked bout the nailpolish is that it dried REALLY fast. The nailpolish is really impressive you can see the gold glitter and gold shine right away, its really pretty, but you will need more than one coat.
The one little complain I have is that I wasnt expecting the items to be SO small. The blush seems massive on the site. Everything else was sample sizes so I cant be too upset about that. I cant wait to use these products!

Just want to say thank you so much Handmade Reviews!

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  1. You got all of that for $26! What a great deal :-) I have the Nars blush in orgasm and it is very pretty.

    Hope you enjoy your new goodies!