Friday, October 1, 2010

ELF Haul

My Target doesnt carry ELF products so when I went to the city and found that their Target carried this line I was ECSTATIC! I mean makeup for a dollar, what a bargain deal. Ive been using these products for a while and am really impressed ESPECIALLY with the lip products! The super glossy lip shine comes in a tube form. It applies so smoothly and it is highly pigmented. It smells and taste good too. It is a bit on the sticky side. The plumping lip glaze was really odd to me. I was a little confused on how exactly it worked no product would come out until i turned the bottom part of it. It took quite a while for the product to come out. I was really annoyed by that BUT once you get pass that it is a really good lipgloss. It is minty sensation when applied and the color while sheer still provides a nice color on the lips. The plumpig glaze has some nice pigmentation. Im not sure which you apply first the clear part or the color. The clear color Im not so thrilled about it reminds me a lot of Carmex. Also didnt give my lips look bigger. I will just use the color part. Really happy with the lipglosses will definetly repurchase more.

Super glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss
Lusicous Liquid Lipstick in Pink lemonade
Plumping Lip Glaze in Baby Doll
I bought an eyeshadow quad in Neutrals. I was intrigued by this palette because of the green shadows. I think the pigmentation on this quad is OK, they all are a bit shimmery especially the first color which looks like a sea green but as soon as you apply its almost white. I personally wouldnt use this quad for a whole eye look. I think they make great lid colors and the first one could be used as a highlight.

Ive never tried liquid liner so I thouhgt I give it a try. Again this product was Ok, a bit on the runny side and you have to wait a while before it dries. But the color is a pretty good black.
The 2 brushes I bought were ones I didnt have in my collection. A fan brush from the studio line and a contour angle brush. Both good brushes, I really like the fan brush for highlighting. The contour brush fits perfectly in my crease.
An eyelash kit for a dollar! Need I say more. Couldnt resist myself. I got the style in natural.
The product I was Really excited about was the bronzer and blush duo. The bronzer had some glitter in it but once applied it doesnt show. The blush has gold reflects in it. It is a deep peach color. I really liked this product.

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  1. Yay, glad you found some in the cuty.:D

    I like their eyeshadow, good pigmentation.:D

    ***** Marie *****