Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Just what my title says am beyond frustrated and annoyed of being sick after a week and still not feeling better. I came back from a trip to Vegas where I did some house hunting and even when I was up in Vegas I started to get a sore throat. The weather climate changed drastically nice and sunny to cold and rainy. So I just left it alone then on my arrival my body is aching, I have a severe headache, im coughing up a storm, in all my 25 years I never encountered such a flu. Days and days later I havent managed to get worse but Im still not 100%. And with little ones you have to be 100% to do your job well and that they dont get sick. So I have a doctor appt tomorrow. Hope to get something to cure this craziness soon.

I had a blast on my trip! Will share in a later post. Just wanted to share why I havent been on for a while. Hope you guys are wonderful and healthy! Take care


  1. thank you, i am a whole lot better but still not 100%