Sunday, November 21, 2010

Amazing Gifts for CHEAP! Part 1:EYES

I went to my Target and couldnt believe my eyes...I had found ELF products galore! A range of brushes and gift packages!!! Prices from 3-5 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went a little crazy. So to not overwhelm you guys I am breaking it into a series.
Starting with EYE shadows

This is their new 32 eyeshadow palette. Comes with a mirror and a sponge applicator. At first I was really impressed with this palette but as I did swatches im a little disappointed, only a little. There are still some colors with great pigmentation and it has really pretty colors. It has a variety of matte and shimmer finishes. Maybe with some primer they can show up better.

The Beauty Encyclopedia Neutrals Edition

This palette has 12 shadows some shimmer and matte but mostly matte. I like that there are some cranberry and dark green colors, adds variety. Brings a mirror, eyeliner and a sponge applicator. Also gives you directions on how to make a look.
(sorry no swatches, undecided if I should keep the palette or give it away)...

Bright Quad Collection

Unfortunatly these dont have names. They were just called Bright quad 1-4. Makes me wonder if they are only for the holidays. This package brought an eyeliner attached to a brush.

This was not only my favorite duo this was one of my favorite things I got!!! BEAUTIFUL blue with black with blue glitter! I thought that was so unique. Its has a pretty good pigmentation as well.

I thought I was going to give this duo away, I just saw it and immediately thought of Joker's costume. I dont know dont think there pretty together BUT separately they are BEAUTIFUL, especially the green. The green is an olive color but with a gold undertone and its shimmer, really pigmented too.

The cranberry is a lovely color and really pigmented. As for the white its on the chunky side, but still a lovely white with white shimmer.

Each package for $5.00. Each product has some good and not so good but still nice. I think they are great for stocking gifts or if you just want to add more to a gift. Good for all ages!

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