Monday, November 22, 2010

Part 2:LIPS

Glossy Collection

I LOVE these lipglosses!!! So pigmented, smell fruity and taste good! Just a little bit sticky but I like that.

Name of Glosses
Perfect Pink
Los Angeles
New York City
All are sooooooo PRETTY!!!!! This package was $5.00

Hypershine Gloss

This package didnt look like this when I got it, I opened it and then remembered I had to take a picture. These lipglosses are well pigmented and glide on smoothly. These lipglosses have an applicator I never had before. Bristles and the product come from the middle.

These lipglosses have the coolest names!

Names of Glosses
Au Naturale
Pagient Princess
Berry Cherry
Ruby Kiss
This package was $5.00

HIHGLY RECOMMAND these products!


  1. Wow they actually look really nice. I have seen them before but was hesitant to try them because of how cheap they are, but the pigmentation looks great

  2. they truly are. they smell good too!