Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Battle of Mascara's

Im not much for mascaras, I used to just wear them for special occasions. I hate that they clunk and how careful you have to be while putting them on. One blink and you have black liquid all over your lid. But I do think they make your lashes stick out and really bring a dramatic effect to your make-up look. The first mascara that I have ever owned was the CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Everybody raved about it so I tried it. And I was not happy with it. First of all the brush is rubber with rubber bristles. It is also really big. The formula is ok, it doesnt do an incredible job of curling my lashes but it does go on smoothly. I think its ridiculously hard to put it on my lower lashes. I also dont like that the cap is big as well, makes getting into my inner lashes hard. I dont know how many times I have slipped up. I give it a C-.

So after a while of using it I knew it was time for a new mascara. So I chose to try LOREAL Voluminous Original mascara in the color black brown.

So far the product is ok. It does give some volume to my lashes. I like the bristles, its just a regular brush nothing special. The few things I dont like about it is the extra formula that comes out of the brush everytime you take out. Im always scraping the formula off at the top. And I have noticed that it clumps. So I rate this product a B. For it does give me volume and is ok with separation.

Now Im not sure if I will ever repurchase this items again. But until I finish them Im using them both together I find it really makes the perfect combo. I put on LOreal first, for the volume and the Covergirl for separating them and taking out the clumps. Both together I give it a A-. Makes my lashes look like falsies!

*images of mascaras from google*


  1. Im glad that you found the two together to work nicely! my favorite mascara right now is Fresh Supernova, because it doesnt clump! and it just makes my eyelashes pop :) for hard to reach eyelashes, especially the lower lashes, I love loreal telescopic explosion (it has the little ball!)


  2. thanks, i will def give the Loreal one a try. Since Fresh isnt drugstore. My Sephora is an hour away :(

  3. hello, I just came across your blog. super cute.

    i am obsessed with cover girl lash blast. I use to buy this chanel one but the last blast took over and its much friendly with my bank account. hahaha.



  4. if it wasnt for the brush then i think i would like it. but its just toooooooooooo big for me