Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crazy Waves

Ive had the Vidal Sassion barrel iron for a while. It supposed to create wavy curls or retro waves. Today I decided to do a new method with them instead of clamping section after section. I weaved sections of my hair to the iron bar then I clamped it. I had to use a glove to prevent from burning my hand, which I had done at first. It was VERY difficult to get the hang of it, but it just made each piece of hair different. Once I was done with the iron I flipped my hair and scrunched it up with working spray.


  1. your hair turned out great! Im very challenged when it comes to curling my hair.. it always turns out a mess haha :)


  2. Wow, your hair looks great! I've never curled my hair, but I would love to try it.