Friday, April 23, 2010

Target Haul:Chapsticks

In my search of finding the perfect chapstick I think I found it, Soft Lips. The package came with 2 chapsticks Soft Lips in pearl and vanilla. Vanilla has SPF 20 in it. The application goes on smoothly and it kinda tingles on your lips. It is clear and doesnt show like you have anything on. It smells like vanilla and vicks so that is the only downside of it. Now the Pearl is a tinted lip conditioner. It is pink with silver glitter flicks on it and it actually does show on your lips. The pink shows up like a frost. It has SPF 15 in it. The smell is AMAZING! To me it smells like strawberries. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chapstick. And for both it cost 2.99.

I also got Burt's Bees in honey. And I was not impressed with this lip balm. Maybe I got the wrong flavor, I dont know what. But I really dont see whats the buzz about. First of all it smells AWFUL! I cant even describe it, like wax and something really bad. It applies kind of rough and it feels gritty on my lips. It does sort of moisturize my lips after applying a lot on. But the smell of it bugs me way too much and it also taste bad. It also cost me 2.99. I will NOT buy this balm again.


  1. If only there were a Target in PR :-(

  2. There arent any or just close to you?But i would trade a Target over living in PR anyday!!!!