Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coastal Scents Crazy

For a mothers day presernt my husband said what was the one thing I wanted and I said MAKEUP! So I went to Coastal Scents site and ordered a couple of things. I ordered the 42 Color Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush because I already had the 88 Shimmer palette and really wanted some Matte to have different textures. Plus it brought blush which I REALLY needed. I LOVE this palette. The colors are SUPER pigmented and the blush are so bright. The site pic doesnt give it justice, the colors are much more vibrant in person. The ONE thing I wish it had was more pink/coral shadows. I am loving the white shadow. The palette cost 24.95
I also got the metallic plum brush set. This set includes 12 brushes with purple wooden handles. I really liked the founation brush! It makes my foundation application flawless an its soft. The brush that I dont really like is the concealer brush. Its extremely small so I dont recommand for your dark circles. Its perfect for blemishes. The only shedding I came across was with the large powder brush. It was very little though. This set cost 29.95.
This product I was very excited for which is the Concealer Quad in Light. I have only used one concealer my whole life and it was from Mary Kay. IT wasnt a ba concealer but it was an extreme yellow tone...which Im NOT! Im light skinned with pink undertone. I really enjoyed this quad. It is super creamy and I can mix the colors to make my skin tone. I use the salmon color for my under eyes and a mixture of the salmon and light pinky color for my blemishes. Then the white I use as a highlighter. It hides my flaws rather well. Not so much for dark circles but it hides most of the color. It just leaves my skin so nice and dewy. Really blendable as well. For 7.95 you just cant go wrong with this product. I really liked the case it comes in.
Last but not least I bought gel liners in the colors Platinum and Sky Line. Both SUPER pigmented, creamy and glides on like a dream. Doesnt smudge unless your eyes are watery, but what liner doesnt smudge with that. I LOVE them and this product was 6.95 each.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase. I would buy ALL these products again and will continue to purchase more from the site. If you have any questions or want a closer picture of an item or a more in depth review of a certain product please let me know. Thank you!


  1. I <3 Coastal Scents too! So affordable and great color payoff!:D

    Enjoy your goodies!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I love it when I get new stuff, it makes me feel like I'm a little girl playing with new toys :-)

    I like Coastal Scents! I also gave the 88 shimmer palette.

    Wish I could get the brush set :-)

    Enjoy your gifts!