Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Faves

Here are a few of my fave things for the month of May.

Milani Lipgloss In Vogue
It is perfect for the summer for that bold lip. It is soooooooo pigmented you dont even need lipstick underneath it. It was long lasting and not sticky at all. It just slie right on smoothly. The best part it had a nice fruity smell to it.

Soft Lips in Pearl
I have talked about this product before. But I really loved it this month because when you have those days that you dont feel like wearing makeup this is perfect to just put on your lips for a hint of tint. Its a nice pink with glitter. Plus it gives you that tingly feeling

Pure Ice in Love
I put this color for my baby shower and fell in love! It is a nice light pink and it just makes my nails so feminine and young. I really like it on my toes. What so funny is pink is my favorite color but I always used hot pink nailpolish never light pink. Plus this color has like silver specks but it doesnt show at all. It just makes a nice shine to it.

Lucky Charms
I dont know if its my pregnancy craving or what, but I have a bowl everyday of this stuff since I bought it. Im not even a cereal person.

Share with me your faves?

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