Monday, June 7, 2010


Ok, so Im going to admit something that is a little on the embarassing side.....I never have been in the cosmetics area other than drugstores. Like at Dillards I go straight to the shoe section and Coach then the bedding. Ive never even had my makeup done by professionals. Well last week when I was in the city I stepped into Dillards and right as you enter is MAC smack in the middle where you cant miss it. There werent any customers so I browsed. I get very intimated by customer service, Im the kinda girl you can convince me to buy anything. Well a MAC makeup artist approached me I wanted to walk away but she got me just in time and asked me if there was anything I wanted to try. I said I wanted to look at there new to the beach collection. She directed me and asked me if I was interested in the event they are having this week where they do makeovers. I said I unfortunatly dont live in the city. We just talked about the products and I left.

So my question to you all is have you ever had your makeup done by a professional at the mall? How was the experieince? How much did it cost you? Do they just do special occasion stuff or can they give you like a tutorial if your new to their makeup line? Any story wouldd be helpful. THANK YOU!!!

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