Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Spirit

HELLO everyone. So I failed on my mission to write a post everyday. I shouldn't have chosen a month that has the biggest holiday of the year. So I will just recap you guys on how I spent my holiday.

I woke up super early because I had to season my 11 lbs turkey!!! The biggest turkey I ever had to bake. So I seasoned and stuffed him and then an hour later the kids woke up. Evan's face was priceless when he saw all the new gifts Santa gave him. We defiantly spoiled the kids this year.



After opening the presents we took TONS of pictures and callled/skype family. Dinner came and I made a feast for my family. It was just us so I really wanted to make it special for them.

At about 7 pm I saw Django with my best friend. It was a good movie just not my type of movie. If you like westerns and understand Quentin type of movies then you may love it. Plus it is SUPER long! I didn't arrived home till 10 at night!!!
So my Christmas was real chill and spent with lots of love. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday!

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