Monday, March 1, 2010

Fears Of Pink

As most of you know Im pregnant with my second child and just last month I discovered it was a girl. Everyone who knows me knows that Ive wanted to have a daughter my whole life. I just felt like I could never relate to a boy. But know that I have one he is absolutly amazing and now I know why God sent me one of his boy angels to me. I could have 10 boys now. Finding out I had a girl while I was excited I was secretly terrified. I was excited because know I can buy all those things that I love tinkerbell, hello kitty ANYTHING pink. But now none of these things concern me anymore all I can think about is my relationship with her. Will we be interested in the same things? Will she like pink as much as I do? Can I handle a teenage girl? Just so weird to have my dream come true and now it just haunts me. I am really close to my mom. She is my best friend I can tell her everything. I pray that my daughter and I can have the same kind of relationship. But just like god gave me a boy for a reason, he sent me a girl angel for one as well.

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