Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pregnancy and All its Glory

Yesterday I had another appt. with my OB. Just a regular pregnancy check up where you hear the heartbeat and get your measurments. Everything went well except the nurse practioner was kinda upset that I made a comment that I hate being pregnant and that there is nothing good about it. Dont get me wrong I tried getting pregnant this time. But it was because my husband and I wanted a baby. I didnt enjoy my last pregnancy either but man do I LOVE the newborn part. She said that most women cant list the reasons why they dont like being pregnant but can find reasons what they do enjoy. I couldnt find anything I liked but i could DEFINETLY find what I dont!!! So proved her wrong....but today after thinking about it some there are some things I like. Here are my dislkies and likes.

Morning sickness and Nausea
Taking a pill everyday
Feeling fat
Super sensitive emotions
Tender breasts
Always Uncomfortable
Not fitting your old clothes
Not being able to find cute maternity clothes
Sleep deprived
The side cramps
Her kicking can get annoying, when she moves it HURTS

My boobs are getting bigger!

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