Monday, March 29, 2010

Penny Saver Dresses for the Preggers

Ok so Im almost 6 months in my pregnancy there is NO need for me to go shopping for maternity clothes. Im less than half way along and this will be my last pregnancy. But I still need a dress for my baby shower. So I did an experiment I went to Ross and looked for maxi dresses. Long dresses with stretchy fabric. The key was to try them on my regular dress size (pre-pregnancy). I found 2 dresses that I thought were cute WORKED! They fit perfectly and best thing about it, it will fit after the baby is born.

Im not saying this could work on every one. But hey why not give it a try! Have to admit its a lot easier looking for a dress in your old size than in the maternity section.

On a side note Dont know how my camera had 2 different lighting


  1. I like how both dresses look on you! I'd say the first one is more of a day time dress and the second one for night. Although, if it were up to me, I'd wear black all the time.
    In the second dress, you can barely tell that you're pregnant.

  2. Pregnancy agrees with you, you look beautiful and blooming!:D I like the dresses too.:D

  3. I love the dresses and u look soo pretty and u look very happy...I'm sooo happy for u..

  4. you look lovely!