Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Princess and the Frog

Sorry I havent done anything in a while my husband has been terribly sick for the past while and now has gotten the WHOLE family sick, including me.Thats when the sickness and health vow comes in right? The healthy helps the sick and now the healthy is the sick. Got it love it. ANYWAYS my husband bought the Princess and the Frog DVD to cheer us up some. A little suck up gift if you must say. And it worked!!! I love love love this movie. It brought back that little girl in me that believed every girl is a princess and deserves to find her prince charming. It wasnt so girly that my little boy couldnt enjoy since it did have the frog part for most of the movie. He was singing and dancing, he enjoyed it a lot. I love that the movie isnt at all what you expect it to be. Its a total twist of the "traditional" princess and the frog story. Another thing I liked about the movie was the names of the characters, Tiana the wairess, Naveen the prince, and Evangeline the star all so fancy.

I was really excited when I heard they were making 2-D disney princess movie again. They brought me so much happiness as a little girl and Im soo happy my children can experience the same things. Little Mermaid still remains my absolute fave movie of all time. There is a sneak peek of the newest movie Rapunsel. Cant wait for that one!

...........the evening star that shines so bright make a wish and hold on tight there is magic in the air tonite, anything could happen

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  1. Cool post! I'll definitely have to check out the movie. I'm not a big fan of animated children's movies but, I guess I'mm going to have to get used to them sooner or later.